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Preparing For Your Photo Shoot

It is essential that your property is presented at its best. Some recommendations for preparing your home include:



  • Reducing clutter, which has the effect of making the space look small and lived-in,

  • Removal of personal items such as photographs, clothing etc. These reduce the ability of potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the property as it gives the appearance of being 'already taken',

  • General cleaning, particularly marks on walls and windows, fans and food preparation/eating areas.  

  • Turn all lights on and make sure all are working.

  • Hide all remote controls.

  • Ensure the kitchen is clean and clear of appliances, cleaning items, food and utensils. 

  • Clear all personal items from bathrooms, as well as shampoo bottles/soap from showers and baths. Hang clean, attractive towels from the hanger.

  • Neatly make all beds.

  • Remove clothing and personal items from bedrooms.


  • Mowing, preferably 2-3 days prior to shoot.  This gives the lawn a chance to re-green, and will show it at its best.

  • Weeding of visible areas,

  • Stowing of outdoor toys or tools.

  • Remove vehicles from the driveway, and do not park directly in front of the property.

  • Wash dirty windows.

  • Remove/hide rubbish bins.

  • Neatly coil hoses.

  • Uncover pools, and turn on your pool pump.

  • Ensure BBQ is clean and presentable.

  • Remove any washing from the line.

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